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Creating Nature Connections

For Harmony, Happiness,
Health & Wellbeing

Meet The Co Founders

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Jim Mitchell



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Layne Hamerston



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Tim Chapman



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" Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." 
Albert Einstein

"The Nature Health Network is an inspiring and dynamic group, comprised of some incredibly passionate people. They provide an amazing platform to learn from, with lots of opportunities to share ideas. We have come away from every meeting feeling extremely motivated and re-energised."
Jake - Founder. Ocean to Earth CIC. NHN Member.

The benefits of nature on our mental and physical health have been even clearer in events since the start of the Covid19 pandemic. Now, a diverse and passionate group of practitioners, healthcare professionals, academics, businesses, policy makers and communities are coming together and recognising the benefits of connection to nature- both to ourselves and to nature itself.

The evidence of being in nature and the outdoors have been growing over decades. In the past few years, it’s become increasingly clearer that it is our connection to nature that really matters for our society. This is because it brings benefits for both humans and nature; it is a factor in improved mental wellbeing, increased pro-environmental behaviours and pro-nature conservation behaviours, to name just a few. 


The Nature Health Network was formed in the summer of 2020 by Bournemouth University, Public Health England and the New Forest National Park (on behalf of a group of southern National Park Authorities). The Network is also affiliated to the Green Halo Partnership, and its key theme of improving health and wellbeing. The network has now grown to over 200 members and holds a monthly knowledge-share webinar to explore practice and to make connections between those working in the health, environment and education sectors. Members are drawn from the NHS, countryside organisations, communities, academia and much more.

The Network provides a :


  • Platform for practitioners, academics and advocates of nature-based health solutions to showcase approaches to local, regional and national policy makers, decision takers and funders;

  • Shared space for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and learning; and

  • Seed bed for innovation in nature-based learning and health solutions at the community level, testing approaches and evaluating success.


In March 2021 the network presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group on National Parks, as part of a session on how protected areas can become better ‘healing landscapes’ following the effects on society of the global pandemic.

Although only running since August 2020, the network has grown quickly and heard for a wide range of speakers. Each month new members get a chance to introduce themselves and their interests, and hear and debate with guest speakers. Speakers have included Dr William Bird of Intelligent Health, Clare Olver from the Mersey Forest Natural Health Service, Dr Ryan Lumbar from the University of Derby and Eva Sandberg from the Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation.

Would you like to join in?

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